The topics of this conference regard the broader area of complexity and chaos and they are indicatively and not exhaustively the following:

1. Chaos Theory and Theory of Nonlinear Dynamics

Nonlinear Dynamics and Deterministic Chaos
Complexity and Dynamical Processes
Chaotic Systems and Maps
Nonlinear Oscillations
Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Chaotic Synchronization and Synchronization Phenomena
Time-Delay Control of Deterministic Chaotic Systems
Adaptive Control of Chaos
Fractional dynamical systems
Stochastic Chaos
Spatiotemporal Chaos
Emergence of Memory in Nonlinear Systems
Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations
Nonlinear fractional partial differential equations
Topological Dynamics
Historical Aspects of Complexity and Chaos Theory
Future trends in Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics

2. Nonlinear Devices Circuits and Systems

Nonlinear Circuits
Applications of Chaos in Electronics
Electronic Circuits for Synchronized Chaotic Communication
Secure Data Transmission Utilizing Chaotic Dynamics and Synchronization
Chaos and Multichannel Communication
Fractional-order Circuits
Time-Delay Chaotic Circuits and Synchronization
Chaos in Power Electronics
Memristors and Memristive devices: Theory and Applications
Memristor-based Circuits
Chaos and Complex Behavior in Neural Networks and Network Dynamics
Complex Neural Networks
Fuzzy Neural Networks
Historical Aspects of Nonlinear Circuits
Future Trends in Chaotic Circuits and their Applications

3. Applications of Complexity and Chaos in Sciences and Engineering

Nonlinear Optics, Optical Chaos and applications
Complexity and Chaos in Astrophysics and Celestial Engineering
Complexity and Chaos in Climate and Environmental Physics
Complexity and chaos in Energy Systems
Complexity and Chaos in Chemistry
Complexity and Chaos in Geology
Complexity, Chaos and Fractals in Nonlinear Biology
Complexity and Fractals in Nonlinear Ecological Systems
Neurons and Chaos
Complexity, Fractals and Nonlinearity in Nano-Science
Nonlinear Mechanics
Unconventional Chaos-based Cryptography
Quantum Chaos

4. Complexity and Nonlinearity in Economy and Social Phenomena

Complexity and Chaos in Finance and Economy – Econo-Physics
Complexity in Social Dynamics and Chaos in Social Phenomena – Socio-Physics
Empirical Models in Economy and Society
Social Opinion and Crowd Dynamics
Complexity in Social Networks
Self-organized Financial Networks and Production Systems
Chaos and Innovation
Chaos in Language development, structure and learning

5. Nonlinear Timeseries Analysis

Chaotic Data Analysis
Nonlinear Timeseries Modeling and Prediction
Nonlinear Timeseries Analysis in the Presence of Noise
Medical and Physiological Timeseries Analysis
Polynomial Chaos

6. Fractals and Self-organizing Systems

Fractal Geometry
Multifractal in Physical Sciences
Chaos and Solitons
Self-organizing Systems Hybrid Systems